Safe Places is a scheme for people who may be vulnerable as a result of their physical or mental health or because they have a learning disability.


People can become disorientated or distressed whilst out in the community and need a little support; they may experience dementia or may have been subject to some form of verbal or physical abuse whilst out in public.


A Safe Place is a building, like a shop, a bank, a community centre or a church, where staff will help members of the Safe Places scheme.


If you are a resident and want to become a member of the Safe Places scheme please click here


As a member of the Safe Places scheme you receive a card and a key ring. You need to add your name to the card and the telephone numbers of two people you trust. Make sure that the people you have chosen know they may be contacted if you use the Safe Places scheme.

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To access a Safe Place:

  • Look for a place that displays the Safe Place window sticker

  • Go inside and ask for help; show the staff your card or keyring

  • Your Safe Place will contact someone you trust or the Police


For more information about the Safe Places scheme please click here

To become a Safe Place please click here



To find out about Safe Places in your local area please click here